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Testing tools

CppUnit is a simple framework that can be useful to write repeatable tests in C++. An example of integration within the POOL project has been implemented in the DataSvc component (CMT build). It is available on CVS in pool/DataSvc/tests/RetrieveTest/RetrieveTest_CppUnit.cpp(test case).
To set up CppUnit in the pool environment use the howTo from SPI.

Oval is a  tool that helps to validate the results of a testing procedure. It can be used to compile a C++ code, to run the executable with predefined steering parameters and input data, and to compare the results with a reference output. The comparison criteria is flexible and the 'diff' operation can be restricted to a subset of lines marked with specific tags. The configuration is made through the Ovalfile (which has to be in same folder as the source files). Examples using Oval are available for a generic test and for a test using CppUnit.
To set up Oval in the pool environment use the howTo from SPI.