CORAL Component documentation: MonitoringService

Radovan Chytracek


November 2005

1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose of the component

The MonitoringService package is a plugin library providing an implementation of the IMonitoringService interface as a service providing the possibility to register various events happening during a database session. In addition it performs in memory book-keeping and reporting facilities in order to store the recorded events in formats suitable for the later processing either for post-mortem analysis or for performance tuning.

1.2. Known problem and restrictions

The package is at the moment in early stage of development and thus supports only very basic formatting of reports in CSV (comma separated values) format or printout to standard output at the end of a session or an application job.

1.3. Repository of the component

2. MonitoringService Semantics

2.1. The logical data hierarchy

The monitoring service is not used directly by application code but rather steered via user level IMonitoring interface. Only CORAL plugins use this service directly to record any monitoring event when it happens.

2.2. Controlling MonitoringService parameters

The events recording may happen at different levels configurable via coral::IMonitoring user level interface. The level determines the granurality of the recored information from informational up to the low level details about various steps performed by CORAL plugins to be used mostly for debugging purposes.

3. Implementation specifics


4. Related components

  • RelationalAccess, is the package where the CORAL abstract interfaces are defined.

  • CoralCommon, is the package where some developer-level interfaces and some common implementation classes are defined.

  • RelationalService, is the package which provides access to the coral::IMonitoring user level interface.

5. MonitoringService Reference

5.1. MonitoringService environment variables

There are no environment variables defined yet. Stay tuned.